Omni Network Price Prediction: OMNI Plummets 42% As Experts Say This Solana GambleFi Token Might Be The Best Crypto To Buy Now

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 OMNI Plummets 42% As Experts Say This Solana GambleFi Token Might Be The Best Crypto To Buy Now

The Omni Network terms plunged 42% successful the past 24 hours to commercialized astatine $24.60 arsenic of 03:09 a.m. EST connected a trading measurement that soared to $607 million.

This comes aft the level airdropped its trial nett users and immoderate NFT holders with an airdrop worthy $36.2 cardinal and contempt OMNI being listed connected respective exchanges, including Binance, ByBit, and Bitget.

After years of development, contiguous we person reached a historical milestone for Omni: the $OMNI launch!

Claims and staking are disposable present now:

Trading begins connected @binance astatine 8 AM EST.

The aboriginal of Ethereum is present 🤖

— Omni Network 🤖 (@OmniFDN) April 17, 2024

Omni Network is simply a blockchain level that aims to integrate Ethereum rollups, and with the restaking roar successful DeFii protocols holders expect the terms to skyrocket.

Omni Network Price Set For Price Recovery Tradingview.comOMNIUSD Chart Analysis Source:

After its launch, the Omni Network terms began trading astatine $53.81 earlier crashing to the existent terms astatine $24.60. This is akin to notable projects, similar Wormhole and Jupiter, which experienced a important driblet aft $850 cardinal and $700 cardinal airdrop, respectively.

The Omni Network terms has been connected a downtrend, dropping wrong the confines of a falling wedge signifier to enactment astir $22.88. OMNI bulls purpose to usage this enactment to propel the price, with the Omni Network terms already trading wrong the precocious bound of the wedge.

Additionally, OMNI is trading beneath the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), supporting the existent terms downtrend.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is moving from the 30-oversold level towards the 50-midline level astatine 44, showing aggravated buying pressure. If the bulls signifier a inclination reversal implicit the $22.88 enactment level, the RSI volition pump implicit the 70-overbought region, indicating continued capitalist optimism.

Omni Network Price Prediction

The Omni Network terms Analysis connected a 15-minute illustration indicates that OMNI is presently connected a downward inclination but has the imaginable to surge implicit the $22.88 enactment arsenic the bulls purpose for $36.

However, successful an inverse scenario, the bears could propulsion the terms down to the adjacent enactment levels astatine $22.26 and 20.5.

Meanwhile, arsenic the OMNI bulls look for optimal positions to participate the market, different investors are buying into the newly-launched Mega Dice ICO.

Mega Dice Blasts Past $356K In Crypto Presale 

The Mega Dice level has been a sensation arsenic a fashionable crypto-oriented online casino and betting level since its motorboat successful 2023. Through the motorboat of the Mega Dice (DICE) crypto ICO, the squad down the level is looking to widen its offerings.

Mega Dice is acceptable to beryllium the archetypal GameFi task connected the Solana blockchain, providing the eventual casino token experience. And portion astatine it, the projects aims to outdo assemblage elephantine Rollbit, and TG.Casino, which pumped 4X aft listing. 

🚀 $DICE is landing connected Solana! 🎲

Get acceptable for exclusive benefits, retroactively and with each wager. 🌟

The eventual casino token acquisition is coming. Stay tuned for updates done our authoritative channels: Telegram & X.#Solana $DICE 🎰

— Mega Dice Casino (@megadice) April 3, 2024

In the archetypal time aft its launch, the task has already garnered much than $356k, with the presale brushed headdress minimum people acceptable astatine $5 million.

The $DICE token will enactment arsenic the inferior token wrong the Mega Dice ecosystemBy participating successful the project, you person an accidental to gain rewards paid successful the crypto token.

You volition besides summation entree to 4,000 positive exclusive games and link with 50,000 positive players connected the platform.

Draw your sword and hole for conflict successful our #NewGame merchandise #SamuraisKatana by @push_gaming astatine Mega Dice Casino 🗡️ Wield the legendary katana of the samurai providing an unforgettable escapade filled with honor, courage, and BIG wins! 💰


— Mega Dice Casino (@megadice) April 16, 2024

By participating, you besides summation entree to $2.25 cardinal airdrop divided crossed 3 seasons with an adjacent allocation of $750,000 each. You besides get an accidental to gain aboriginal vertebrate bonuses and constricted variation NFTs.

When you notation a friend, you get a 10% chopped of your referral’s investment.

Refer a person and basal a accidental to triumph $1000 each week! 🤩

Simply sojourn connected Telegram, click the 'earn tab,' and drawback your unsocial referral link. Winners are announced play successful our Telegram group:

You could beryllium the adjacent winner! 💰

— Mega Dice Casino (@megadice) April 17, 2024

You tin besides involvement $DICE and gain a information of the 10% staking rewards.

According to 99Bitcoins, a YouTube transmission with implicit 700,000 subscribers, $DICE has the imaginable to soar 100X aft launch.

To enactment successful the presale, you tin bargain $DICE connected the authoritative website here for $0.069 utilizing BNB, ETH, oregon SOL. 

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