Horror Gaming Just Got More Terrifying: Nintendo DS Classic Coming to PS4 and PS5

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Hours are counting to the release of Nintendo DS an Horror game which will be available in PS4 and PS5. The gaming is expected to blow the world of horror gaming as the exerted players are counting hours to its release on April 19 this year. The horror game is designed and developed by Renegade Kid to offer a thrilling experience to the gaming community. The classic horror game, Dementium makes its way from Nintendo DS to PS4 and PS5 consoles. What will be more exciting about the game is yet to be experienced after its release. 

A Journey from Nintendo DS to Big Screen PS4 and PS5

Nintendo DS a Horror game has made a revolution from handheld game to now big screen. The journey has been of simple revolution since its launch in 2007 and user experience reviewed in 2015. The game was considered a cult as its followers or players still had their positive and negative sentiments. The reviews of its users positive and negative has geared its push in the play station 4 and PS5 after a successful arrival on the Nintendo Switch in October 2023.

The announcement of its release on the PlayStation 4 and PS5 platforms follows its successful arrival on the Nintendo Switch in October 2023. This move has reignited interest in the game, drawing attention back to its eerie corridors and haunting atmosphere.

The game entails a coherent series of events in a hospital where the player has to overturn the tables and win the race. The Ward gives a horrific experience of Dementium: The Ward places players in the shoes of an amnesiac named William Redmoor, trapped within the confines of a psychiatric hospital ward. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Silent Hill, the game offers a first-person perspective filled with monstrous encounters and perplexing puzzles to be solved along the way.

Last year the 2023 Nintendo game was published in the Switch version by Atooi but with less resolution that supported big screen viewing. However, this year’s release, the PS4/PS5 version of Dementium: The Ward promises an experience optimized for larger screens. Boasting both an HD mode with 1080P resolution at 60FPS and a retro mode emulating the 3DS display at 240P. This adaptation aims to immerse players in its chilling ambiance like never before. Therefore, with the PS4/PS5 release, Dementium: The Ward aims to captivate audiences with its enhanced graphics and immersive gameplay, promising an unforgettable journey into the heart of terror.

As one of the many titles inspired by the Silent Hill franchise, Dementium, the Ward captures the essence of survival horror, offering a familiar yet distinct experience for fans of the genre. Originally conceived as a Silent Hill game, it retains echoes of its predecessor while carving its own path in horror gaming history. This gives a terrifying experience that is aimed to give a detrimental experience for the horror game players and win their interest. 

While Nintendo makes its move to the PS4 and PS5 screens, the game is yet to give its excitement to the players as they are anticipating to embrace the blow.  With hopes lingering for a potential remaster of its sequel, the franchise’s future seems promising. Nintendo’s self built, captivating storyline and immersive gameplay, this classic title is poised to leave a lasting impression on a new generation of players, ensuring its legacy in the realm of survival horror. If you are looking forward to playing the game and many more exciting games, do not miss our daily updates. 

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