Biden’s laser eyes spark crypto community buzz amid Super Bowl celebrations

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A surprising move caught the attention of both political and cryptocurrency enthusiasts: United States President Joe Biden posted a laser-eye emblazoned picture on his social media accounts. This gesture, widely recognized within the crypto space as a show of support for Bitcoin, came in the wake of the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the 2024 Super Bowl. However, the post, adorned with a caption “Just like we drew it up,” has stirred a mix of interpretations and reactions across the board.

Just like we drew it up.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 12, 2024

Despite initial speculation, it was clarified that Biden’s laser-eye motif was not a direct endorsement of Bitcoin but rather a continuation of the “Dark Brandon” meme. This online persona, celebrated by Biden’s supporters, is often used to portray the president in a cool and edgy light. The meme has previously been utilized by Biden’s team to highlight political achievements and, in this instance, was linked to the Super Bowl’s outcome rather than a shift in Biden’s stance on cryptocurrency.

Crypto community’s Mixed reactions and the symbol’s origin

The crypto community reacted to Biden’s post swiftly, with figures such as David Gokhstein and WhalePanda weighing the potential implications of such a high-profile nod to Bitcoin. Despite the excitement, it became evident that Biden’s post aligned more with his campaign’s creative communication rather than a pivot toward crypto advocacy. This has not stopped the crypto world from debating the significance of such gestures, especially given the laser eyes meme’s history as a symbol of bullish sentiment for Bitcoin’s future.

The origin of the laser eyes meme traces back to 2017, becoming a viral trend among Bitcoin supporters aiming to push the cryptocurrency’s value to unprecedented heights. Over the years, the symbol has been embraced by celebrities, tech moguls, and even national leaders, further cementing its association with optimism in the digital asset’s potential. However, President Biden’s recent use of the meme underscores the crossover between political messaging and internet culture, rather than indicating a policy shift in favor of cryptocurrencies.

Biden’s position on cryptocurrency

Despite the buzz generated by the laser-eye photo, Biden’s administration has maintained a cautious approach to cryptocurrency. Stand with Crypto, a nonprofit advocacy organization, lists the president as having a generally negative stance towards digital assets, based on public statements. This cautious viewpoint aligns with broader regulatory trends, highlighting the complexities of integrating cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial ecosystem.

While Biden’s Super Bowl post momentarily blurred the lines between political messaging and crypto advocacy, it ultimately serves as a reminder of the dynamic interplay between internet culture and political communication.

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